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About us

At Thornhill Accountancy Services we go the extra mile for you and your business

Our Approach

We invest heavily in specialist software and web-based technology to cut down on processing time and increase efficiency. This helps keep fees down. Email is our primary form of written communication. It enables quick resolution of issues and for you to fit our requirements into your day. In addition, it is immediate and secure, and it saves a tree or two along the way.

That said, it is never a problem if you want to phone us. We are always available either via the office phone or our mobiles, should the need arise.

We use online submissions where possible because it saves time and therefore money. It is therefore great news that the regulatory environment is investing heavily in this area. Submissions we are able to complete on your behalf now include:

  • Personal Tax Returns to HMRC
  • Corporation Tax Returns to HMRC
  • Dormant year-end accounts to Companies House
  • Abbreviated year-end accounts to Companies House
  • Standard forms for Companies House
  • Annual Returns to Companies House
  • VAT Returns to HMRC
  • PAYE year-end Returns to HMRC
  • 64-8s to HMRC; this enables us to communicate with HMRC on your behalf, and to access HMRC's website to check the status on your account
Thornhill Accountancy Services

How to contact us?

If you have any questions we will be more than happy to email you back or explain everything over the phone - Contact us now for a free initial consultation

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